Damarys Zampini

Damarys is a marial artist, a snowboarder of the black diamonds, yogi, an F1 enthusiast and a Latin American landed refugee to Canada. She is a mama bear of 2, a family being and loyal friend who believes in giving back, doing the best while leaving a legacy beyond her years.

Damarys Zampini

Founder & CEO

Damarys Zampini is a 20+ year multilingual, multicultural global expansion executive with experience in providing global growth advice for international expansion and implementing proven strategic solutions in complex negotiations in the energy, exploration, construction, digital, clean tech and supply chain industries. As the CEO of Sustrategy, with global networks, she works with disruptors to evolve industry, and achieve regional and international growth goals, and new market entry.

Achieving the right “Vision” aligned with values for sustainable growth, ROI and ROC.

Located in Europe and Canada, working with Alliances in Asia, Europe and Americas. Sustrategy represents and introduces leading edge and disruptive construction, energy, clean tech, Ai and Blockchain technologies to global markets. Sustrategy, also engages with respective global Government agency and key stakeholders resulting in accelerating client’s leading market positioning.

Damarys is also a proud Advisor to 3 Digital and Global Net Zero, Business Disruptors, Board Member of CCA (Canadian Council for the Americas) and a Managing Partner of INNOVO Network, global network/platform delivering impact, GHG/NETzero Goals, Profitably while growing innovative technologies, exponentially, backed with financing.  Lastly, she was the co-founder of Calgary Women in Energy and Canada Women in Blockchain, driving inclusion in these industries, while supporting local communities and The creator of Future of Energy, youth engagement forum to create sustainable energy.

Strategic Alliances

Sustrategy’s value is extended via its Powerful and Influential Alliances and Partnerships, worldwide which provide you, our valued client, the right cultural and strategic experience, unique financial channels to scale, robust brainpower, and direct network accessresulting in exponential growth.
We are obsessed with delivering sustainable business growth results, aligned with your Vision and Goals, all the way through to your exit strategy. Your clients and stakeholders expect the Best from youwe will Help You Deliver, we have your back, and your front! 

Damarys and I have been board members at the Canadian Council for the Americas Alberta some years ago. In our board, Damarys has showed professionalism, hard work, dedication, and she is always conceiving new ways to help better educate Canadian companies on business opportunities in Latin America.
Damarys is always focused in finding new ways to better help her clients to grow in currents and new markets, as well as, devising new strategies to let them obtain a sustainable advantage over their competitors. Damarys is a great source of consultation and advice to lead to success any business. Damarys possesses personality, experience, professional ability and intellectual capacity, qualities those highly required nowadays in a very competitive world.

Operations Management Professional

Damarys has an extraordinary global network of contacts who will nearly always take a call from her. This reflects her friendly professionalism and her ability to understand commercial and financial synergies and opportunities between different parties. She has a high level of self-motivation and drive balanced by a desire to work with the team.

Her results speak for themselves:

    • ‘C’ suite introductions to 6 global corporations with sales totaling $190 billion. Half of these have already reached Stage 1 (contract agreed) or Stage 2 (procurement pitch).
    • Referrals to investor networks, investment banks, corporate investors and institutional investors with total Assets Under Management running into $hundreds of billions and annual investments of $billion.
Chair & Founder

As a member of her worldwide network, I am honored to recommend and endorse Damarys’ s credentials. Damarys performs tirelessly on solutions that include equality, empowerment, and sustainability. As a business leader and an accomplished public speaker, she shares common values and commitment to deliver value to her clients. Damarys is a powerful light in any room virtual or otherwise.

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Damarys has a great outreach into the global communities with key traits that include equality, empowerment, and sustainability.  I am in awe of Damarys ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas – even people who were initially on completely different pages.  Her network consists of great individuals and organizations who have the same mindset as she does and that goes far and wide to achieve the best outcome.

Director, Founder and Investor

Damarys is one of the most dedicated professionals I know. Her stellar reputation proceeds Her. Her greatest strengths: Her work ethic; Her vast network of highly accomplished contacts; Her gracious ability to get in the door no matter how many obstacles; and Her outstanding follow thru fuels her ongoing success.

Executive and Professional Development Expert

Working with Damarys and Sustainable Strategy Solutions Ltd. was a real pleasure. Damarys has endless energy and enthusiasm and with her help, we were able to initiate several new sales and marketing initiatives, become better connected in the North American energy industry, and grow our business even during recent downturn in the oil and gas industry.

President of Micotan Petroleum Software